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Beach | Ponte Vedra family photographer

Beach photography is one of my favorites in the spring and summer months. We get such lovely colors in the sky, and each sky is a little different. This particular evening at a beach in Ponte Vedra was a perfect backdrop for this family’s portraits.

When I last saw this little boy, he wasn’t walking yet, but for this session he has learned to sprint–as toddlers do–at lightning speed with those little legs. But when he paused, looking over his shoulder, he had the sweetest smile. Photographing toddlers is always about the split-second treasure. His sister is also full of adventure and joy: I love her expression here as she jumps with the parasol.

And the beautiful family together.

Look at that grin… on the run! But a special shell stops him for a moment.

We’re so lucky here in Florida. After all these years, I still love looking at a beach sky at sunset.

Siblings | Saint Johns family photographer

I’ve been photographing this next family over four years at their home. They have an amazing back yard: perfect for portraits. I last saw this little girl when she was a newborn, and she’s turned into such an adorable toddler.

The big brother is both playful and easygoing.

And together, they make the best faces…

She’s so curious and alert, ready for adventures.

He makes swinging upside down seem effortless…

We were initially going to just photograph the kids, but we snagged a quick portrait of the whole family, too.

She’s a little Mommy’s Girl: so sweet! As the mother of two girls myself, seeing these pictures brings back fond memories of when my own daughters were so little.

Love | Jacksonville family photographer

This family truly knows how to make each other laugh. Not only are they full of energy and playfulness, but they are also full of love. The daughter was visiting with her husband, newly married, and it was an honor to capture a combination of couples portraits and pictures of them all together.

They know just how to be serious, and then how to just be themselves.

These two are so sweet together, and I wish them much joy in the days ahead.

These two have been together fifteen years, and still have the honeymoon glow.

She was a little worried about doing the dip, but she has such a natural grace.

At the beach | Ponte Vedra family photographer

My own girls have been clamoring: When can we go to the beach and swim in the ocean? My oldest is all set with her new swimsuit, ready to toss aside her flip flops and dash down the warm sand to the welcoming waves, which will be… quite chilly. She finds that last part very frustrating. I wouldn’t say we’re in swim season yet for those of us not wearing wetsuits, but there’s no doubt that the beach has an allure for so many of us. For portraits, the beach is an ideal serene setting that focuses both on natural beauty and the family.

It was a pleasure to meet the family featured in this session at the beach in Ponte Vedra, one of my favorite beach spots. This little girl is absolutely charming. She was ready for adventure and spending time with her parents.

The Daddy-daughter bond. It always makes me smile.

And, of course, the snuggles with mom are priceless.

Look at those sweet eyes.

What little girl doesn’t want to swing between her parents to the sounds of the ocean?

Brothers | Jacksonville family photographer

One option I offer my clients is to go to your home for portraits. We went to a park for this client’s first session, but for this latest one, they decided a home session would be just what they needed during the busy holiday season. Little ones sometimes squirm away from a parent’s camera, somehow evading eye contact–a highly sophisticated and common skill among the under four set–and so it was no surprise to me when the mother told me one of her main goals was to get her youngest one looking into the lens. And we certainly did. He and his older brother are such cuties, brimming with warmth and adventure.

Parents and children often have the same smile…

It only takes that right second to catch that grin before the little ones are up and running again. I love the adorable, mischievous smile of the youngest brother, and the relaxed, charming smile of the older brother.

Window light always make for a classic and dramatic portrait.

The session took place at the client’s home, but because they live so close to the beach, we walked over to the shore for the last few minutes of their session and grabbed some quick pictures. The boys were thrilled to run off some steam!