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Category Archives: Babies

Baby by pond | Jacksonville child photographer

This little charmer is 9 months old, and I also had the pleasure of taking her newborn portraits (you can see those here). Little A is a baby already full of personality, and her smile is catching. I loved getting to see how big she’s gotten. A’s mom and I had our hands full carrying the pink chair to the pond, but A’s big sister was such a great helper pushing A in the stroller. A is the perfect princess on her pink throne. H family, I had a great time seeing you again!

I love how this picture shows off those beautiful eyes.

One of her newborn pictures was in this same basket. She’s such a joyful baby!

Watch out; this little girl’s going to be walking before you know it!

A & N Twins | Jacksonville photographer

I set up my studio in my client’s home for a session with her beautiful 11-month-old twins. I even got to enjoy lovely views of the river while I worked! A & N were full of energy and ready to crawl. I love their adventurous spirits and how joyful their smiles are! S family, enjoy your sneak peek!

I was so happy when N put her hand up to her hair like this. She’s a natural model!

A has such a classic, soulful look here. Look at those eyes!

J Newborn in the Fall | Jacksonville Photographer

Little J is just seven days old here and such a sweet, sleepy baby. We did some outdoor photography in addition to studio, which is one great thing about Florida. You can go outside so much of the year! And just because it’s warm here, doesn’t mean we can’t have a few fall leaves. 🙂 Isn’t J precious? Z family, enjoy your sneak peek!

I love J’s smile here:

W newborn twins

I photographed M when she was pregnant, and it was a pleasure to photograph her twin sons. Aren’t they adorable? They are so peaceful in these photos, and you’d never know what trouble we had keeping little legs still long enough to hide the important boy parts (haha!). W family, enjoy your sneak peek!

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