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Category Archives: Children

At the beach | Saint Augustine child photographer

I met this beautiful eleven-year-old girl in St. Augustine for beach portraits. She’s so full of spirit, and it was a pleasure to work with her and her mother.


Football & Cheerleading | Jacksonville children photographer

I photographed this lovely family over the summer last year, and this latest session was a surprise gift for the father of the children as a football player and cheerleader.  The park had such pretty colors that day–perfect for the portraits.


Little G is at that age where the laughter is just waiting to come out.

Miss B has such pretty eyes.

Brothers | Saint Augustine children photographer

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and New Year! I’m back on my blog and will try to catch up on postings (more to come). I photographed these boys the year before, and it was a pleasure to see them again for more portraits. We explored around Saint Augustine, looking for scenic nooks.

Early in the session, the children had a chance to play and have fun with the fort as a backdrop.

It’s easy to see these brothers are going to grow up close.

Look at those eyes.

Cute Curls | Jacksonville child photographer

We’re at the time of year where it’s easy to fall behind on my blog, but I’m going to try to start catching up. This little boy’s mother wanted portraits before his first hair cut to have a record of his adorable curls. I also have to say that he’s such a sweet and handsome little guy, and it was a pleasure to photograph him. He’s full of joy.

He loved holding this leaf, which happened to work perfectly for fall.

And a few classics.

Look at that smile. There’s something so endearing about him.

This little boy is just turning two here, and for this age, I love to capture some running pictures. It so represents the age, and how excited children are to be able to run freely.

One Year | Jacksonville child photographer

When I first met little S, she was just a tiny newborn, and I can’t believe she’s already one. To see how she’s changed, take a look at her newborn session here, and her six-month session here. N family, your baby girl is beautiful, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her grow over the past year!

She already has such poise.

I love her little grin.

And the toddler years begin in all their glory… soon you’ll be running to keep up with her.

And finally, a glimpse back of her as a newborn:

And at six months: