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Casey & Gil Married | Jacksonville wedding photographer

Casey and Gil know how to make each other laugh, and as soon as you meet them, you know they’re a fun couple and very much in love. They’re vibrant and absolutely perfect for each other. And what better way to celebrate love than a New Year’s Eve wedding? They got married at the Hyatt Regency, which has an amazing view of the St. John’s river and downtown Jacksonville. Casey and Gil, thanks for inviting me to record this special day for you! I hope you have a lifetime together of wonderful memories. And now for some pictures of the couple with that gorgeous downtown view of the city in the background:


Isn’t Casey stunning?

There’s something so mysterious about this picture that I love. And Casey has the perfect intense and beautiful eyes to pull it off.

And now for pictures that really showcase Casey’s personality. I love, love, love those pink shoes! They’re so girly and give that special touch to her ensemble. She had so many great details for her wedding, and when I was photographing her rings, I was struck by how dainty they are. I’ve finally met a bride who has a smaller ring finger than I do!

I’m an animal person through and through, so I couldn’t help a big smile when I saw Casey and Gil’s dog walk through the door. He rested contentedly under a chair while the girls got ready.

The ceremony took place right after sunset, so Jacksonville’s city lights were a glamorous backdrop.

At the reception, I learned that Casey’s family is musical! They took over the band’s stage for a few special songs. That’s Casey’s dad playing the guitar.

A New Year’s Eve wedding isn’t complete without fireworks. Casey & Gil brought in the new year as happy newlyweds, and now every anniversary will always have sparks. 🙂






Lisa & Shane married | Jacksonville wedding photographer

At my initial consultation with Lisa and Shane, they told me they loved a natural setting–which was one of the things that had attracted them to my style of photography–and that they were getting married at the Keeler property, a beautiful wedding venue with rustic barns, ponds, and geese. Anyone who knows me knows I also love this type of location, so I was very excited to help them capture their day in such a rich setting.

Lisa and Shane met in graduate school for pharmacy, and it’s easy to see how well they fit together as a couple. There’s a quiet happiness when they’re together that’s almost palpable–that special ease that couples have when they know each other so well and trust each other completely. Lisa and Shane, thanks for letting me record these wedding memories for you, and for just being you. I wish you many, many years of happiness together!

And now for the pictures. To start off, here are some of Lisa and Shane as a newly married couple. The light before sunset is usually gorgeous, and that evening the trees picked up such lush golden colors.

This barn is so simple, and yet so elegant, too. It was the perfect spot for their ceremony. The Keeler property is filled with so many details that helped create a mood for the wedding. And I personally always have a soft spot for ducks and geese.

I loved how Shane’s face lit up when he saw Lisa coming down the aisle.

After Session | Jacksonville wedding photographer

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This is definitely the time of year where everything is bustling. I’m so behind on my blog! Hopefully I can post more soon and share more photos from recent sessions with everyone.

I shared images from Maria and Bodo’s wedding not too long ago. Since they weren’t able to do an engagement session, they met with me after their wedding for an After Session. For the location, they choose the dock in the backyard of one of their friends in the same neighborhood where they both grew up. The view of the river was lovely.

The joy of being a newlywed. The wedding planning has ended, and it’s time to just be together.

There were some ropes hanging from a tree that were perfect for having a little fun.

Maria & Bodo Married | Jacksonville wedding photographer

Maria and Bodo grew up in the same neighborhood, but although their circle of friends and family intersected, they didn’t meet right away. After finally meeting and dating for the past five years, they were married at the Arlington Congregational Church in Jacksonville, just a hop, skip, and jump away from where they grew up by the St. John’s river. We did their “After Session” portraits at one of their friend’s home on the river, which will be up in a separate blog post soon. Their wedding may have been organized quickly, but all the details came together in a lovely way.

I never cry at weddings. But when I sort through the images later and create my blog posts, I’m often moved by the love and emotions I see. This was one of those weddings where I got a little teary-eyed looking through the images. There was so much raw emotion. It’s easy to see that love runs deep between Maria and Bodo as they head into their new lives together and embrace all the changes that brings. Maria and Bodo, you two are meant to be together. Thank you for just being yourselves and for having me be part of your day. It was an honor to record these memories for you. I wish you much joy in your new married life!

Maria was walked down the aisle by both her step-father and father.

Maria, you’re stunning. And you look at home.

The maid of honor is also Maria’s best friend from many years.

Their first dance was filled with emotion.

My own daughters are still very young, but I can imagine how moving it will be when they get married. These were such special dances between Maria, Bodo and their parents. Their faces say it all.

There’s nothing like the bride’s shoe coming off with the garter to add a little spice.

The bridal party had a last dance.

DJ: Music Factory
Flowers: Arlington Florist
Decorations: Alpha and Omega Event Consultants