The Photographer

The best photographers paint a scene, not only with light, but also with the personality of the person in the picture. I look for beautiful settings, whether that be a beach, park, urban street, or even your own home, and try to find ways to feature you at your truest.

For families, my favorite pictures are the ones that tell the story of who you are now. Remember forever how it feels to gaze at your tiny baby curled up in deep dreams. Relive those days when your son would dance wildly, flailing his arms like a windmill, or your daughter would crawl on the ground pretending to be your pet cat, and you couldn’t stop laughing. Smile at the times when your child was small enough to sit in your lap and just snuggle. Amaze yourself with how you’ve evolved as a family—together—and continue to evolve.

Most of my photography knowledge is self-taught. My BA degree is in English from Carnegie Mellon University, but I also studied black and white film photography both at CMU and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I received my MFA from the University of Florida. I hand-edit your portraits to bring out the essence of you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you and creating beautiful pictures.

-Katherine Espano